Community update

March 23, 2018

We had another successful year in our community outreach, partnering with Scotia Wealth Management’s community matching program, to assist local organizations to build a healthier and thriving Community.

Delcourt Advisory Group is passionate about giving back and encouraging one another and those who participate to live a life of purpose through adding value to the things they care about.

This year DAG and Scotia Wealth Management collectively raised over $100,000 to help with the goals of the following organizations and this warranted a “Community Builders” award through the Kelowna Capital News for the Delcourt Advisory Team.


  1. CMHA – The Foundry project centre for youth and families at risk and the “Voices” campaign acknowledging mental health in the workplace and finally the “Get Loud” Campaign promoting awareness, education and prevention for those suffering from mental illnesses.
  2. NOW Canada – The Essentials Program for women suffering from abuse, exploitation, addictions and metal health.  The program educates, equips and resources these women back to a life of recover and wellness.
  3. YMCA Cycle for Strong Kids – this event brings community riders together to spin for a cause, allowing marginalized families access to a centre that provides programs and services for quality of life and leadership for their families.
  4. Metro Community Centre:  The Coldest Night of the Year walk raises funds for our hurting and homeless members in our community.  The centre is equipped with supplies to meet basic needs, resourced with community programs to meet individual needs and staffed with a highly diversified and expert team of care givers.
  5. SD #23 – Helping raise funds for Leadership education and service programs within local schools.




What the team is up to

In touch, in tune - Spring 2018

March 23, 2018

Grant was elected to go to Presidents Council again this year to meet with other advisors around the country to share new and updated ideas on maximizing managing wealth strategies and staying abreast to where the industry is heading in order to serve their client base with the best wealth practices.  Grant braved jumping the cliffs at Rick’s Cafe in Negril (45-50 feet.), quite the site.

Grant took up snowshoeing with his wife Wendy, and grabs any opportune time to venture to a snow capped mountain top or forested Lake Trail.  Good for the body and soul.

He is also enjoying the discipline of Pilates, recovering from the haunts of ol’ hockey day injuries.  Grant and his brother-in-law attended the Barrett-Jackson for the first time, a classic care lover’s delight.  He looked, drooled but didn’t drive one home.  The Torino remains to be his favourite toy.

Grant’s mom was inducted into the BC Hall of Fame for figure skating, a tribute to a life devoted and passionate about a sport our entire family enjoys.  It was a great honor and legacy for his Mom.

Grant has enjoyed a few vacations abroad with his family, taking them all to to Canada’s pristine East Coast, to the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta enjoying some surf, sand and sun.   He is enjoying time with his 2 teenage girls Hannah, now in 2nd year of Business and Finance, following in his shoes at this time; and Madison, now learning how to drive and how to navigate the job world.  All good fun!


Megan completed her Chartered Investment Manager Designation (CIM®) this past year. This designation is a leading industry standard for discretionary investment and portfolio management services and offers Megan the ability to work as an Associate Portfolio Manager under Grant Delcourt.  In this program Megan learned advanced money management strategies as well as effective portfolio management techniques within Canadian markets and regulatory requirements.

Megan and her husband Brian continue to work on their (never ending) home renovation project.  Both with a secret passion for getting their hands dirty, they work on their house in their spare time. This will be a labour of love they’ll pick away at for years to come!

Over the winter the Lundy’s spare time is primarily devoted to watching son’s Ethan (16) and Evan (13) play hockey. The family also has a strong passion for skiing so any time they’re not at the rink they’re scooting up to Big White to enjoy fresh air.


Lindsay is back with us after a year off with her sweet baby girl Mila Rose. Her and her husband Brodie soaked in every minute of those newborn snuggles and getting to know their new addition.  Mila is already 16 months old; walking and talking up a storm.  She already has a keen eye for detail; just like her mama!

They recently returned back from a family trip to Arizona and California. The highlight of the trip was seeing a mama and baby hippopotamus, Mila’s favorite animal, at the San Diego Zoo.

Lindsay is happy to be back at her desk, diving right back into the swing of things!


Wendy’s been active with the team in the area of Business Development now for just over a year.  She loves the community events, serving the team wherever it is needed, and building rapport within the office with her Strengths and Leadership tools and techniques that serve to encourage and position people in the areas that help them to attain their maximum potential.

Wendy is excited about Scotia’s “Share the Wealth” program and hopes to dive into that process a little further in 2018 as it is so encouraging to see this industry take the initiative to empower others to serve and give back to their own communities or places of passion.

You will find Wendy working as a strengths coach and motivational speaker outside of the office and enjoying many adventures with her family that includes their adorable little dog Tucker.  She also loves to join Grant in Pilates and snowshoeing through the beautiful outdoors.


We are excited to announce our newest DAG member, Janice VanRooy; she started with us in February as an Administrative Assistant.

Janice is not only a stellar leader and an exemplary model of follow through and drive, but also comes with a vast array of experience and education to truly add the WOW factor to our operational arm at Delcourt Advisory Group. Her keen skills of prioritizing, creating efficiencies, fire for multi-tasking and authentic relational strengths are celebrated.  We look forward to working alongside a presence of persistence, tenacity and character in Janice, encouraging our team to reach its potential in wealth management services.

Janice, proudly married to Jeff and mother of 2 young men, Evan and Braeden, moved from Grimsby to Kelowna in 2012. Janice is passionate about outdoor adventure, healthy living and creative developments.

In her prior years, Janice served on parent teacher committees throughout her son’s education; and she faithfully served in every area that her boys interacted in, including hockey and creative outlets. She enjoys renovating space and designing a fresh new appeal as a hobby.  Her favorite tools being the sawsall and sledge hammer.

Eventually Janice decided to launch her own real estate career and in her first year of business she achieved the 100% club in Re Max, which is basically 100k in commissions in a year. Janice also worked for KCPC and BC Assessment, offering them both added value of clearly defined process, excellent HR skills and model templates to build on the strength of the organization and its valued customers.

Measures that are worth noting

2018 Federal Budget

March 23, 2018

On February 27, 2018, Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered the Liberal government’s 2018 Federal Budget. The budget estimates deficits of $19.4 billion for 2017-2018, $18.1 billion for 2018-2019 and $17.5 billion for 2019-2020. This commentary provides a summary of the tax measures proposed in the budget.

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